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Shipping Terms Ceuta and Melilla

Shipping costs include transportation.

Customs duties at destination or other taxes (tariffs) are not included; The recipient will have to pay in cash such expenses and taxes in order to receive the goods.

Ceuta: Customs and taxes to be paid by the recipient.

  • DUA: € 12.84 + € 1.16 (9% IPSI) = € 14
  • Import expenses (IPSI): 3% of the total value of the purchase invoice.

Melilla: Customs and taxes to be paid by the recipient.

The import process is managed directly by customs:

  • When the shipment arrives in Melilla, Correos informs the recipient by registered letter sothat he can collect the product after payment of the IPSI.
  • The consignee must present this certified letter together with the purchase invoice at the customs office.
  • The customs will deliver a document with the total IPSI payable (5% of the total value of the purchase invoice).
  • Unloading the above-mentioned goods, the consignor shall collect the purchaser of the customs payment to collect the goods.
  • In some cases, Correos delivers the delivery directly to the recipient who will have to pay the expenses at the time of delivery.

When placing an order for Ceuta or Melilla, you must enter your VAT number so that the Transportation Agency has no problems in carrying out the customs procedures as this would result in your order can not be delivered or delayed . In the event that the recipient is different from the buyer, it must also include the CIF / NIF of the buyer. To collect the order will be necessary that the recipient is registered in the Spanish Tax Agency.

Delivery time may increase due to customs procedures. Shipments to Ceuta and Melilla are exempt from VAT.